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Football, Analytics and Science

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While studying data analysis methods at the University of Tsukuba Information Science, I am working as a data analyst for the Japans best university football club. I would like to acquire the necessary skills to connects sports and data science/IT. My goal is to conquer sports with data. I would like to build a culture within universityt sports where I see effective data usage, while I am enrolled in University of Tsukuba.

More Info

Atom Scott
21 years
Japan, Ibaraki Pref, Tsukbua

Sportech Sanity

Education & Work


2006 April
Moves to Tokyo, after growing up in London
2016 March
Graduates Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School
2016 March
Enters University of Tsukba, College of Information Science
平成 28 年 3 月
(Plans to) Graduates University of Tsukba, College of Information Science


Joins Tsukuba University Football Club
2016 June

Joins AIST Social AI Research Center
2018 March

Joins University of Tsukuba Xperception Lab
2018 June

Joins University of Tsukuba Computer Vision Lab
2019 April


Splyza, Inc.
2019 April

Preferred Networks, Inc.
2019 August


Work Experiance

Ibaraki Prefecture Football Team Analyst
・71st National Championship Womens Team Analyst
・72nd National Championship U-15 Boys Team Analyst
・73rd National Championship U-15 Boys Team Analyst
University of Tsukuba Football Club Head Data Analyst
University of Tsukuba Football Club Website Creator
Re:start, a start-up app to help atheletes in rehabilitation after injury
Developer for creating an open sports data platform


  • Problem Solving
  • Football Analysis
  • Football Experiance


  • Python
  • Javacript
  • C++
  • Others include: Wordpress, Github, AngularJS, Unity etc. Everyone overstates the number of frameworks and languages they can use anyway!


  • English
  • Japanese

Certifications and Awards

  • Toefl 110/120
  • Toeic 950/990
  • C-Level JFA Coaching License
  • Level-3 JFA Referee License
  • HCG Symposium Student Awards for coauthored paper*
  • First runner-up Enpit Award for Enpit Tsukuba*
  • First runner-up Sports Data Competition*
  • Super Science High School Poster Award*
  • *Details are provided in Research/Projects section

Other Key Experiances etc

On stage Talk for Sports Analytics Japan 2019

Images courtesy of Wataru Ninomiya ©︎日本スポーツアナリスト協会

JSAA Analytics Challenge Cup Sports Bussiness Competition Runner's up
Tsukuba Shukyu Winning Many Titles!
Visted IBM T.J. Watson Research Center & Temple University


Benchmarking the NN based Goal Expectation Method

Project Image

Lead by Ryo Hasegawa (University of Tsukuba Data Team),In this work we benchmark a Neural Network based... Go to Project Page

Identifying Risky Passes in Football

Project Image

Lead by Hayato Takshima (University of Tsukuba Data Team), we built on the work of Javier Hernandez to... Go to Project Page

Emotion Recognition from Vocal Streams Captured with Microsoft Hololens

Project Image

This research stemmed from an R&D project with an undisclosed Japanese research... Go to Project Page

A look into PCA and T-SNE for Football Tracking Data

Project Image

In my first attempt to visualize high dimensional tracking data I implemented and compared PCA and... Go to Project Page


Sportech Sanity

Project Image

Authors: Atom Scott, Saeru Yamamoto, Gota Shirato and many more contributors Summary:

Sportech... Go to Project Page

Soccer Visor

Project Image

Sooccer Visor is a tool, created by myself and Kaito Yamagata, used to visualise data in... Go to Project Page

University of Tsukuba Website

Project Image

I am currently leading a team which is building the University of Tsukuba FC's website.

For lack... Go to Project Page

Joint Work

ORINAS Athlete Football Edition by LIGHTz

Project Image

LIGHTz inc is an AI consulting company that looks to apply their existing AI tech to sports. I lead a... Go to Project Page

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Sportech Sanity

Sportech Sanity is a platform for collecting the knowledge of sports analysis that is scattered across the web.